Bear den locations may surprise you

When you think about a bear den, what comes to mind? A hollow tree? A cozy cave? How about a pile of abandoned tires? Or under your porch? Bears can den up in all those places and many more. [...]

Fall Tips for Avoiding Bear Encounters

For bears, fall is “last chance to eat a lot” season as they continue to roam about searching for every bit of remaining food, natural and otherwise. Days are getting shorter and nights are [...]

What bears do in October

October at a Glance: Hyperphagia is in full-swing. Bears may be awake and searching for food up to 20 hours a day. Many bears also look for den sites. Some pregnant females may den up by the end [...]

Is bear spray dangerous?

Bear spray won’t permanently harm bears, people or other animals when used according to directions. Don’t play around with bear spray; bear spray travels at more than 70 mph and at very close [...]

Is bear spray just for grizzly bears?

No. Bear spray is equally effective at deterring black bears. Bear spray affects the mucous membranes and may also successfully deter aggressive domestic dogs and other mammals, including moose, [...]

Where do I buy bear spray?

Bear spray is widely available from mass market retailers, outdoor and sporting goods stores, and is often found in many other outlets in grizzly country. You may find a greater variety of brands [...]