Bear Safety Tips

Be BearWise


How to behave in a black bear encounter

Bear safety is important at all times.  Know what to do when you see a bear. Most encounters are nonthreatening, but you’ll feel more confident if you know what to do in a bear encounter. Read More

Keep bears out of homes and businesses

Use proven methods to keep bears out of homes, buildings, garbage, livestock feed, bird  feeders and more. Includes bear-resistant trash containers, bear-resistant barriers (such as electric fencing), and other bear deterrents.  Read More

Avoid bears while hiking and camping

While bear attacks are very uncommon and black bears rarely become aggressive when encountered, you can practice bear safety and avoid bears by following these simple steps.  Read More

How and when to use bear spray

Bear spray is a powerful deterrent made of the capsaicin (the “hot” in hot peppers). When you carry bear spray you must know how to use it. Always practice bear safety!  Read More

Avoid bear encounters while hunting

Hunters may encounter black bears when hunting from a tree stand, walking quietly through the woods or feeding deer. There are ways to prevent negative bear encounters in each circumstance.  Read More

Secure your livestock and crops

Identify attractants. Then solve the problem with prevention and deterrents. Keep bears away from chickens and rabbits, livestock food, fruit trees, crops, and bees.  Read More

Be BearWise in a Vacation Rental

One of the joys of vacationing is seeing wildlife. But take a few simple steps to make sure that you’re not inviting bears by sharing food and garbage.  Read More