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bears getting into trash and birdseed

Action plan for a BearWise year

Remember all that stuff you meant to take care of before spring? Bear alarm clocks will be going off soon, so now’s the time to put those plans into action. Here is a quick reminder list of things that could attract bears. Your goal: clean up, lock up and store securely. Garbage Need a better can or a better plan? Check out bear-resistant containers, DIY options and other ways to ...
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Be BearWise Outdoors

Want to see bears?

Seeing a bear in the wild is an unforgettable experience. If you’d love an opportunity to observe bears, early morning and early evening are good times for viewing and photography. Enjoy bears from a safe and respectful distance. Keep at ...
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Why early summer brings more bear sightings

Early summer is normally a busy time for bear sightings, but this year some people are seeing more bears than usual. There are several reasons bears roam around in June, but only two reasons bear sightings in your area may ...
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black bear camp

Vacationing in bear country? What to know before you go

If you’re heading out to get away from it all, chances are good you’re heading into bear country. If you don’t live with bears at home (or even if you do), it’s good to get BearWise before you hit the ...
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Be BearWise at Home

black bear at electric fence

Protecting Chickens, Small Livestock, Bees and More

An important message from your chickens, bees and small livestock... Please Electric Fence Us In Your chickens, ducks, rabbits, pigs, goats, sheep and bees have asked BearWise to pass along a message: bears are always looking for food, and don’t ...
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bear with paw on car door

The Two-Second Solution That Keeps Stuff Safe and Bears Wild

Lock It or Lose It Have you seen news stories or videos featuring bears “breaking in” to homes and cars looking for food? What many stories don’t mention is that much of the time the bear isn’t breaking in. It’s ...
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garden produce

Planning a BearWise garden

A bear would need to forage all day to find as much food as it can harvest in an hour or two in a kitchen garden. No wonder bears are attracted to the nicely organized plots of nutritious, ready-to-eat produce ...
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The Bear Facts

What bears do in September

September at a Glance: Bears enter hyperphagia in September and may look for food up to 20 hours a day. Berries, nuts and acorns are important fall bear foods. Bears can gain two to three pounds a day. Even bears ...
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black bear swimming (courtesy of Minnesota Dept of Natural Resources)

What bears do in August

August at a Glance: Bears have many ways to stay cool during hot summer days. By August, most cubs are weaned. Cubs can often survive on their own if they have to. Bears feast on ripening berries and may travel ...
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What bears do in July

July at a Glance: By July, cubs born this year have grown to the size of a raccoon or a small dog with big ears. Yearling bears now on their own can be the size of medium dogs. Bears of ...
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