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bear at an outdoor grill

Bears’ fall eat-a-thon: what’s on the menu at your house?

In the fall, bears are hard at work searching for plenty of food so they can fatten up for the winter ahead. The hunt for food starts in late summer as berries and fruits ripen and shifts into high gear when calorie-packed nuts and seeds (soft and hard mast) are available. By fall bears are foraging up to 20 hours a day in a race against the clock. This annual power-eating ...
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Be BearWise Outdoors

Want to see bears?

Seeing a bear in the wild is an unforgettable experience. If you’d love an opportunity to observe bears, early morning and early evening are good times for viewing and photography. Enjoy bears from a safe and respectful distance. Keep at ...
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Why early summer brings more bear sightings

Early summer is normally a busy time for bear sightings, but this year some people are seeing more bears than usual. There are several reasons bears roam around in June, but only two reasons bear sightings in your area may ...
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black bear camp

Vacationing in bear country? What to know before you go

If you’re heading out to get away from it all, chances are good you’re heading into bear country. If you don’t live with bears at home (or even if you do), it’s good to get BearWise before you hit the ...
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Be BearWise at Home

garden produce

Planning a BearWise garden

A bear would need to forage all day to find as much food as it can harvest in an hour or two in a kitchen garden. No wonder bears are attracted to the nicely organized plots of nutritious, ready-to-eat produce ...
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bear raiding trash can

Make it a BearWise spring

If the bears in your area aren’t up and about yet, they will be soon. Why wait until a bear is checking out your bird feeder, pet food or garbage? A few hours of prevention now can help keep bears ...
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bear on deck stairs

Will bears find a good winter den at your place?

What makes a good bear den? A bear den needs to big enough to curl up in and small enough to keep the bear warm and cozy through the winter. Bear dens are generally well-hidden; pregnant moms work extra-hard to ...
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The Bear Facts

male black bear (by Tom Harrison

What bears do in June

June at a Glance: Yearlings leave mom and search for food, shelter and a place of their own. Adult males travel far and wide looking for mates. Nursing moms venture farther from home base searching for food. Cubs keep growing and ...
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Black bear cub in a tree

What bears do in May

May at a Glance: All bears visit all the places where they reliably found food last year. Cubs learn how to climb up (and down) trees and learn to “talk.” Cubs are still nursing, but start experimenting with bear food ...
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What bears do in April

April at a Glance: Most bears leave their dens for good. Cubs get their first look at their new world. Mother bears continue to nurse and keep their den and cubs clean. Bears that found human-provided foods last year head ...
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