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bear on deck stairs

Will bears find a good winter den at your place?

What makes a good bear den? A bear den needs to big enough to curl up in and small enough to keep the bear warm and cozy through the winter. Bear dens are generally well-hidden; pregnant moms work extra-hard to make sure they choose a den site that will keep their helpless newborn cubs snug, dry and safe from predators. Bears make their dens in hollow trees or logs, under ...
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Be BearWise at Home

Help! There’s a bear in my yard

What should you do if you look out the window and there’s a black bear nosing around your bird feeder or trash, taking a dip in your swimming pool, or investigating something that looks or smells interesting? A. Call 911 ...
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Do you feed your pets outdoors?

Pet food is a super-concentrated source of protein, fat, nutrients and calories. That’s why pet food is super-attractive to bears. In fact, pet food is one of the top three things that attract bears to neighborhoods and homes. A bear’s ...
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remove bird feeders - bearwise

How to attract birds, not bears

Watching birds is a great hobby the whole family can enjoy. Watching bears destroy your bird feeders isn’t nearly as much fun. You can’t blame the bears; the average seed feeder can hold a whopping 18,000 calories in a handy ...
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