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bear at an outdoor grill

Bears’ fall eat-a-thon: what’s on the menu at your house?

In the fall, bears are hard at work searching for plenty of food so they can fatten up for the winter ahead. The hunt for food starts in late summer as berries and fruits ripen and shifts into high gear when calorie-packed nuts and seeds (soft and hard mast) are available. By fall bears are foraging up to 20 hours a day in a race against the clock. This annual power-eating ...

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bears getting into trash and birdseed

Action plan for a BearWise year

Remember all that stuff you meant to take care of before spring? Bear alarm clocks will be going off soon, so now’s the time to put those plans into action. Here is a quick reminder list of things that could ...

Will bears find a good winter den at your place?

You’re probably not surprised that a nicely hollowed out tree, dense thicket or handy cave might appeal to a bear in search of a winter den. But did you know the big pile of brush in your backyard, the crawl space ...
bear with paw on car door

The Two-Second Solution That Keeps Stuff Safe and Bears Wild

Lock It or Lose It Have you seen news stories or videos featuring bears “breaking in” to homes and cars looking for food? What many stories don’t mention is that much of the time the bear isn’t breaking in. It’s ...

The Bear Facts

black bear silhouette

The Cocaine Bear: What really happened in 1985

At least one part of the movie, Cocaine Bear, is actually based on facts. A black bear did die in the Georgia woods of a cocaine overdose in the fall of 1985. In the movie, the bear goes on a ...
American black bear in water resting on log

What bears do in March

March at a Glance: Some black bears leave their dens to walk around, stretch their legs and then go back to sleep. Other bears leave dens for good. Bears emerge skinny, groggy and thirsty and soon go looking for roughage ...

What bears do in February

February at a Glance: Pregnant female black bears give birth. Cubs begin to grow. Bears snug in their dens live off fat reserves, recycle waste and by-products into useful amino acids and heal many injuries. Other bears don’t hibernate at ...