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bear on deck stairs

Will bears find a good winter den at your place?

What makes a good bear den? A bear den needs to big enough to curl up in and small enough to keep the bear warm and cozy through the winter. Bear dens are generally well-hidden; pregnant moms work extra-hard to make sure they choose a den site that will keep their helpless newborn cubs snug, dry and safe from predators. Bears make their dens in hollow trees or logs, under ...
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black bear eating trash

Bears don’t shelter in place

There are no stay home orders for bears. Right now, they’re waking up from their long winter’s nap and heading out into a whole new world. Millions of Americans are now denned up at home, preparing more meals and ordering ...
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Bear alarm clocks are going off

Bears’ internal alarm clocks start ringing in March, with many adult male bears emerging from their dens sometime this month. Next to wake up will be juveniles of both sexes, then female bears with yearlings and solitary females. Mother bears ...
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