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At least one part of the movie, Cocaine Bear, is actually based on facts. A black bear did die in the Georgia woods of a cocaine overdose in the fall of 1985. In the movie, the bear goes on a cocaine-induced rampage and attacks and kills eight people. In real life, the cocaine the bear ingested killed it in about 45 minutes. So what really happened? It was late fall in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest in Georgia near the state's border with Tennessee when the hapless bear stumbled across three duffel bags full of cocaine jettisoned from an overloaded plane ...
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March 2023 by Brian Whipkey, Pennsylvania Outdoors Columnist:  Black bears appear to be healthy during this winter's hibernation in Pennsylvania. “So far, a lot of the bears are in good shape,” said Emily Carrollo, black bear program manager for the Pennsylvania Game Commission, during a mother bear den check Friday in northern Cambria County. In considering this year's and last year’s den checks, “Every single bear we went to had a beautiful coat and was fat and happy. And the cubs were in really good shape,” she said. “We go to anywhere from a dozen to three dozen dens every ...
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