BearWise Educational Materials

NEW: Free Artwork

BearWise Activity Sheet / Placemat for Kids

Perfect for Resorts, Restaurants (and Grandparents!) in Bear Country

Email us your name and where you are located (city and state) and we’ll send you a hi-res PDF file of this 17 x 11 double-sided activity sheet / placemat. For restaurants: just ask your local printer to add your restaurant name and even a kids’ menu to the front panel.

BearWise placemats for kids (preview)

BearWise Basics

Be BearWise

At Home & Outdoors

Two Color Fliers/Posters to Educate & Motivate

Choose from either the Six At-Home BearWise Basics flier for homeowners and communities OR the Six Outdoors BearWise Basics flier for folks who spend time outdoors, recreating in bear country.

Be Safe in Bear Country

BearWise Outdoor Safety Tips

Color Flier/Poster with Important Safety Tips

For everyone who spends time outdoors where bears also roam:

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Hunting & Fishing
  • Carry Bear Spray
  • If You Encounter a Bear
  • Precautions for Dog Walkers, Cyclists, Joggers

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