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Mabel Meets a Black Bear

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“Mabel Meets a Black Bear is that rare children’s book that is not only beautifully written and illustrated but tells a story every child and parent who spends time anywhere bears live should read.”
- Linda Masterson, author - Living With Bears Handbook

After a life-changing encounter in the Smokies, twin sisters Mabel and Louise set out on a mission to teach others about keeping black bears wild. This charmingly illustrated book includes a bonus section with real-world guidance that educates children about how to be BearWise® while outdoors in bear country.

Written for ages 5 - 10, this oversized softcover will be a great gift for anyone who lives in or visits bear country, or just loves bears.

Written by Frances Figart and illustrated by Jesse White.

10″ x 10″ perfect bound, published by Great Smoky Mountains Association

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