Put BearWise to Work For You

We ask everyone who downloads or orders BearWise materials what they plan to do with them. Responses range from post in our rental cabin, educate my grandchildren and share with my neighbors to hand out in campgrounds and keep our employees in bear country safe.

We also hear from businesses, homeowners associations, parks and forests, educators and librarians, realtors, law enforcement, members of the media and many more.

Download our 2-page catalog sheet: Put BearWise to Work For You and keep reading for a sample of the BearWise Buzz.

From our customers…

How will you use BearWise educational materials?

  • Teach my fourth-grade scouts about enjoying bear country safely.
  • Hang signs around our campus.
  • Train park staff to manage bear/human interactions effectively.
  • For library patrons.
  • Our community newsletter.
  • Put stickers on trash cans.
  • Provide to visitors at County preserves from an information kiosk, and for the public at festivals and outreach events.
  • Distribute in our retail store free to all guests.
  • Post the flyer to NextDoor.
  • Safety topic for my field workers.
  • For restaurants in our community.
  • We are organizing an artists’ retreat in a wilderness area, these will help keep artists and bears safe!
  • Distribute via email to school faculty and summer camp directors.
  • To post for our police department.
  • For neighbors leaving trash cans out and attracting bears. Bears need to be kept safe and not live off people food and trash!
  • These will be kept at our Office of Community Relations to help educate our citizens and tourists who visit the National Park daily.
  • Provide information to our Community Members here residing on Michipicoten First Nation.
  • I will tape it on my front door to remind me how lucky me and my two dogs were when we were charged by a single male earlier this summer right in front of my house. My blood curdling scream stopped it in its tracks about ten feet away. My blood curdling scream also prompted a neighbor to call the cops cause they thought someone was being murdered. I carry a whistle now.

Who uses BearWise?

Interpretive Centers
State Parks
Businesses, Realtors
Cabin Rentals, Resorts
Communities, HOAs
Teachers, Libraries
Parents, Grandparents
State Wildlife Agencies
Bear Biologists
and more…

Discover what BearWise can do for you. 

Thank you for helping keep bears wild