Are bears attracted to koi ponds?

Bears are attracted to water, especially in the summer. Swimming pools, hot tubs and artificial ponds all make good places for a bear to cool off. Once a bear is relaxing in your koi pond, it may [...]

Does deer repellent work on bears?

The short answer is NO. There is no scientific evidence that any product or formulation that can be sprayed on plants or scattered on the ground repels bears. Research shows that many products [...]

How long do wild black bears live?

The oldest wild black bear lived 39 years, but it is more common to find female bears living into their 20’s. Bears that eat a lot of non-natural human foods tend to die earlier.

What color is a black bear?

A. Black B. Brown C. Cinnamon D. Blonde E. Blue-Grey F. White G. All of the above If you picked G, congratulations, you’re pretty smart. Black bear is a species, Ursus americanus, not a color. [...]