New BearWise Bulletin: Electric Fences Keep Bears Out

BearWise Bulletin 3: Electric Fences Keep Bears OutElectric fencing is widely recognized as the safest, most effective long-term solution to protecting people’s stuff from bears. But for first-time fencers, knowing that electric fences work is one thing; feeling comfortable choosing, installing and safely operating the fence that’s right for you is another. Luckily for people and bears, knowledge is power.

The BearWise “Electric Fences Keep Bears Out” bulletin is organized into six categories that cover how electric fences work, choosing an energizer, laying out fence wires, selecting posts and insulators, grounding a fence in any type of soil, and keeping fences in good working condition. Helpful graphics, handy tips and easy-to-follow guidelines take the mystery out of how to put this powerful tool to work.

What’s Getting Protected: Primary residences, vacation homes/cabins, beehives, chickens, small livestock, fruit trees, edible gardens, garbage, and more.

Benefits: When people use electric fencing to protect their stuff, they’re protecting bears too. Bears that try to crawl under, over or through an electric fence get a shocking lesson they won’t forget. Bears stay out. People, pets and stuff stay safe. And bears stay wild.

Cost & Format: Free, print-ready PDF (2 pages)

Where to Find: Download

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