Camping in Bear Country

Black bears live in at least 40 states and are seen in several more. If you’re heading out to get away from it all, chances are good you’re heading into bear country. Teaching bears to associate [...]

Are you a BearWise dog owner?

If you own a dog and live in or travel to bear country, eventually your dog may encounter a bear. Understanding why some dog-bear encounters end peacefully and others end with dogs and people [...]

Headed Outdoors? BearWise Safety Tips

Whether you’re going for a day hike, out for a jog or bike ride, headed to a campground or into the backcountry, or just taking your dog for a walk, being BearWise outdoors will help you have [...]

Bear alarm clocks are going off now

Bears’ internal alarm clocks start ringing in March, with many adult male bears emerging from their dens during the month of March. Next to wake up will be juveniles of both sexes, then female [...]

Want to see bears?

Seeing a bear in the wild is an unforgettable experience. If you’d love an opportunity to observe bears, early morning and early evening are good times for viewing and photography. Enjoy bears [...]

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