Myth: A mother black bear with cubs is always dangerous

It’s rare for mother black bears to attack a person in defense of cubs, because her cubs can climb trees when they feel threatened. When they are up in a tree she knows they are safe. Your best [...]

Myth: Play dead during a black bear attack.

Playing dead is ALWAYS the wrong action if a black bear attacks you.  Instead, fight for your life. Kick, punch, hit the bear with rocks or sticks or any improvised weapon you can find.  A bear [...]

Myth: It is dangerous to go into black bear country when menstruating.

Menstruation does not increase the likelihood of an attack by a bear. Be sure to treat used sanitary products as you would food and garbage when hiking or camping. Wrap waste in plastic and store [...]

Myth: Black bear attacks are common.

Black bear attacks are extremely rare. Most bears will retreat before you are even aware of their presence. That said, always stay alert in bear country and know the best ways to avoid problem [...]

Myth: Black bears have poor eyesight.

Bears have vision similar to us, and can see in color, too. Their night vision is very sharp and they detect movement quickly.

Myth: If a black bear charges you, climb a tree.

Black bears are excellent tree climbers, far better than you. If a black bear charges, stand your ground. The bear will likely break its charge and run away, or climb a tree to be safe from you. [...]

Myth: Grizzly bears are brown and black bears are black.

While black is the most common color of black bears in the Southeastern U.S., black bear coats in other areas can be cinnamon, blond, gray, or even white. The only species of bear that lives in [...]

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